Honesty at All Costs and Other Stuff…

Honesty at all costs. Something I learned a long time ago…and try to use as much as possible. At least I’m honest as to how I see things. You may have a different opinion.. and yes, I’m the one that’s right. No.. just kidding.. I’ll give you a fair shake. While I thought I left High School drama behind in 1986 (really? It was THAT long ago?), my last post revealed how tired one can become while playing in the circles of popularity with social media. I discovered that the older I get the more I just don’t care what people think of me or what I’m doing (yeah, right!)… in my personal life that is. Professionally, now I’m a business owner… and that keeps me on my toes. It’s not that I might run for president someday (I know.. some of you are going to be very sad about that..don’t go jumpimg off any tall buildings just yet…in all honesty, what crazy person would these days?)…it’s just that I don’t post things that I wouldn’t want a customer to see. But.. I’m still honest in what I feel about things.

  1. Our Country: You know what? I’m so tired of the politics and crap that’s thrown from side to side. I used to be a die-hard and devout republican. I watched politics closely and Fox News was my programming of choice. I wouldn’t miss the O’Reilly Factor or Sean Hannity (his personal campaign against Hilary for president cracked me up!) for anything. Now I’m to the point that can’t stand either side so I feel that I’m a woman without a political home. WTF is happening to our country? It’s so screwed up that I think it’s going to have to fall before it gets better as I honestly believe there isn’t anyone out there that can fix it! Hey now, it’s an honest opinion.. It’s simply how I see it and I think I’m not the only one feeling this way..there’s a lot of other American’s who are just as sick and tired of it all.
  2. On popularity and being liked: I tend to adopt people and bring them into my fold before I learn all about them… because until you do me wrong, it’s all good. This was something I learned becoming an adult in Alaska when family happens to be 4500 miles away. If you’ve read my posts you know that up there, just about everyone are transplants. Meaning.. about 72% of the population moved there as opposed to being born there. According to PewResearch Center.. “Alaska isn’t’ that great at holding on to it’s sons and daughters. Just 28% of adults born there still live there”. This makes for an interesting dynamic when battling the elements. Everyone is in the same boat.. classes aside. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what you wear, what you look like at the grocery store or if you have make-up on. No matter where you are (most of the time) you’re accepted as you. There’s a sense of family from those around you that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Maybe it’s because it’s a small pond and there’s not much competition… there’s enough kudos to go around. Living outside of Alaska, it’s a dog-eat-dog world but the weather here are amazing and I don’t think I can stand one more dark, cold, snowy, winter hell. So.. I’m not moving anytime soon. One other thing—In Alaska, people become close to those they work with. Whether they’re co-workers or customers, doing things together in your off time becomes the norm. BBQ’s.. lunches.. shopping, parties… it just is that kind of life. Let me tell you… working anyplace in the lower 48 I’ve found that these folks who are pretending to be your friend.. They’re NOT People!!! I’m serious about this. Keep it all separate..and keep your mouth shut… the less they know the less they’ll spew crap about you behind your back to elevate themselves and gain approval from supervisors and persons of authority while burning your ass in the process! I learned the hard way, but I learned none-the-less. (Yes, Pipsqueak…I know you’ve probably seen this. Don’t be offended.. it was my history, not yours, I own it and I’m not a victim from it!) Unless that is you don’t give a damn.. which again, now that I’m getting older I’m feeling more and more like that. I’m a sales girl by trade.. so in my own mind, I’m the girl that everyone has to like. Jeezus such pressure that is! I read a blog post from Heather Christena Schmidt today that made me think about grabbing up my dignity and not allowing shame from others to affect me. Yeah.. that’ll be a work in progress for sure. Maybe when the Queen of England stops having afternoon tea… yeah, that’s when.
  3. On being a friend: I’m definitely the throw-down kinda friend that’s in the trenches right beside you when things go wrong, you’re sick or just need a kind word or a little lift. I do my best to keep the hospitality of the 60’s going and if you’re not feeling well, I’ll bring ya soup. If you’ve just given birth…I’ll help arrange some meals for you and your family. If you have a friend that’s in the hospital sick and the prognosis is bad, I’ll get down on my knees before the Lord with my bible open (He knows I’m really serious then!) and pray for you both and then check in periodically because you’ll be on my mind not because I’m trying to get points, but because you’re really on my mind! I do special little things like brighten your day with flowers from my garden… or I’ll bake cheesey bacon cornbread muffins and surprise you with breakfast one day.. just because. Honesty all costs….I’m the girl that’s not afraid to say “Hey Chica, you’ve got a big green gooey boog hanging outta your right nostril” (nahh, I’m a little more discreet than that.. LOL) … or just like I did a few nights back at the super market as if I were on some covert operation when I came upon a very dignified woman. Walking up beside her I said.. “Maaam, just keep walking…now I don’t think anyone else has seen (okay.. just a tiny white lie), but honey your skirt is tucked in your underwear”. Mortified she politely said.. “oh f***.” While reaching back to pull her skirt out I disappeared off to the right as if I wasn’t even there. It was perfect; I defended her honor and split! I’m also extremely loyal. I’ll be by your side and do all I can to help you and protect you..right or wrong. After the dust settles though, we may share a few words.. like “What the hell were you thinking??????” But during the moment.. I’m right there with ya! Oh.. and.. once you’re adopted into my fold you can talk to me about anything. I don’t judge.. it’s all good. We all have our crosses to bear. Even if you’re Heather Christena Schmidt and feel like you have no dignity because you allow hurtful things people say affect you OR because you have La Choy Boob Noodles or Periods Gone Wild.. it’s all good. We’re all human! And…I’m here for ya! My point is.. I’m a damn good friend, and while I only have two BFF’s in the entire world (My Daddy growing up always said my BF’s I will count on one hand:-) I have room for friendship and kindness for others. I still have that “we’re all in this together” attitude, even here in Arizona… maybe I can spread that around a little. 🙂
  4. On being a BIGGER Girl: Okay..get ready for an announcement. I’m fat. So what? I’m working on it. Don’t you think I know it every time I see a photo of myself? Quit telling me what diet I should try and what I should do to be skinny! I’ve been on a diet for the past 22 years.. and still a work in progress. Again, so what? I know you think the world of me and only want what’s best. My blood work is all fine.. I’m 44 years old and healthy. I take no daily pills for anything. (among the people I know.. that’s damn good at my age!) I’m still down 75 pounds from where I was at my largest.. and I have 70 more pounds to go. It may take me till I’m 60 to get that last 70 pounds off.. but dammit, I’m working on it. I literally carry the scale like a ball and chain around my ankle every day so I don’t need you to remind me! Yes, it’s true… I don’t always stick to my eating plans (especially after a really long haul) but so what? The main point here is that I always keep trying. At least I’m not a quitter. I’m a strong woman and this is the only thing that I’ve never fully accomplished. I will get there though… so leave me the hell alone about it. I’m tired of your looks and your comments to others behind my back. Screw off. There, I said it. Besides.. I’ve been up since 1:30am writing this blog in the middle of the night because I’ve been working out at the gym and I have more energy.. so (as I stick my tongue out at you!) THERE Again!
  5. On the American Food Industry: Oh Jesus, I could go on and on with this one. When did it become okay to feed us this shit? Well… It’s almost 5am and I should save this one for another post. It’ll be good though, I promise!

In closing… I do believe that we underestimated the power of Dr. Suess. I did some research on him recently and have come to the conclusion that I should have read more of his stuff to my boys and even myself as a child. He goes on constantly about being yourself.. and not worrying about what others think and feel. I just wish I could have been brainwashed into understanding and listening to those sentiments. Here’s a quote, especially for you today, Heather Christena Schmidt, simply because you’re honest, amazingly funny and you’re YOU:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Dr. Seuss

Till next time.. oh and as my Dad always tells me… be good to yourself!

Mrs. Briteside